• Oct 29, 2009
    Dear Dr. Irwin,

    Thank you for making my root canal work almost enjoyable. (I still don’t like your hours!!!)
    I think I might have a “pleasure” of your company at the beginning of 2010. Until that time, I wish you a very pleasant winter. Is there such a thing?
    Thanks again

    Eva B

  • Oct 29, 2009
    Good Morning, Dr. Golosky and Team,

    Just want to let you know that I am one happy happy patient. You did such a fantastic job on my root canal yesterday afternoon that no painkillers whatsoever were needed when the freezing came out. This morning the area around the tooth is a bit tender for chewing, but all in all, I’m just delighted with the outcome. I don’t know where all the bad press about root canals came from, but you are certainly doing your part to change all that!

    Thank you!

    Diane T