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Dr. Golosky has been an Endodontist since obtaining his specialty certificate from Temple University in 1993. Since then he has dedicated his professional career to saving teeth and improving the dental lives of his patients. He has over 30 years of clinical experience which is about the length of time he has been in private specialty practice. He has studied extensively both at the university level and through continuing education continuously since graduation. His goals are simple: provide patients with an accurate diagnosis of their dental problems so that they can be educated to make informed decisions regarding their immediate dental health, and the treatment options available to them.

All the while doing this in a relaxed respectful dental environment that encourages interaction between both himself and his patients. Patients can then choose the treatment that best suits their needs. Just because you have been referred to an endodontist, does not automatically mean you are in need of root canal therapy. We start every interaction between patient and doctor with the same premise. Careful examination and clinical evaluation that leads to an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Not all causes of pain in the head and neck region stem from teeth. Most are, but not all. This has to be carefully considered in rendering an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Irwin R. Golosky

Dr. Irwin R. Golosky

Certified Specialist in Endodontics

BSc., D.D.S. Cert. Endo (Temple)


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